Bucket List Blitz Wrap Up: What did you learn about yourself?

Ok. So we just completed the bucket list blitz in 5 days!! Yowzah. That was a lot of work! Did you write down some good goals for—

Still searching for some ideas? Here’s two books I’ve read that helped me form mine—img_0258

Have any other good bucket list inspiring books to recommend? Stick them in the comments! Ok. Now for the wrap up portion of our bucket list blitz…

Question of the post: What did you learn about yourself through the bucket list blitz process? Here’s 6 thoughts on what I learned about me (because you know…to know her is to love her. That’s why we’re all here on this blog after all, right? To get to know & love ourselves!)—

  • I love learning & value new experiences. Honestly, it’s another one of the many reasons I quit my job. I hadn’t really pushed myself outside of my comfort zone in years. I was afraid to do it within my job because I didn’t feel like I was good enough and had impostor syndrome (read Lean In if you don’t know what this is) post-layoffs. So it was time for a change of scenery to live this value again!
  • I gained clarity about A LOT of my values really. I’m humble enough to admit they’re still evolving though…especially in this “retirement” process. I keep this post-it note on my desk and glance at it each morning as a part of my morning habits reminding myself to live them daily: (can you spot two of my paintings in the background? And thanks for the huge paper clips Anna K. 🙂img_0259
  • I’m an achievement oriented person. But you know what? I don’t know if I like that so much. In a way, being addicted to “achieving” can be just as bad as being addicted to a drug or consumerism. It’s not always healthy and not always a good way to measure your true worth. #DeepThoughts
  • I get a TON of joy from helping other people. Some of the most fulfilling bucket list things I’ve done have been related to helping other people get to one of their dreams or overcome a hurdle. It’s also what I loved about the various jobs I had in Corporate America—when I got to be “others” focused, teach, coach and/or get my direct reports to where they wanted to go with their career, their business, etc. I do miss that part a lot! So if you want some coaching or just listening, give me a call. I legit crave it.
  • I’m ready to be vulnerable again. There’s a lot of confidence that can be built by being vulnerable. It’s scary, but then you do it and you’re like “Hey! That wasn’t so bad. Way to go me for putting my TRUE self out there!” 
  • I’ve got a strong bias toward action. With each post I challenged myself & us to make a commitment on one or a few things we were going to do THIS WEEK to bring these dreams closer to reality. I’m happy to say I’ve made good on most of my mini-commitments thus far. Recapped—
    • Love, Family & Relationships
      • Forcing Ali to tell me when I can come to Chicago to visit her. Booked! I’m going to see her 12/2 – 12/4.
      • Going to an informational session to learn more about foster parenting November 16th. It’s on our calendar! We’ll be taking this process one step at a time ensuring it’s what is truly in both of our hearts as we learn more.
      • Scheduled a family cookie bake + card party in December. 12/17 2nd annual cookie bake is happening with my lovely Schottler family. E-vite sent out last night.
    • Health & Wellness
      • I’m going to go upstairs right after this and turn on my InsightTimer App for a 10 minute meditation. Check!
      • Tomorrow I’m going to the pool and will challenge myself to flip turn 3x! Who cares if I look ridiculous?! Nope. I went for a long walk with the pups instead. Next week!
      • By the end of the week I’m going to find & sign up for a rock climbing thing. I don’t have to sign up. I can just show up to Vertical Endeavors and be climbing after just a short orientation. I’m showing up to the Bloomington, MN location on 11/6. Do you want to join in on the bucket list checking fun on this one? It’s $18 for a day pass + $5 for optional climbing shoe rental. Let me know and I’ll add you to the invite! Traci, Mal…you’re coming!! 🙂
    • Money, Career & Relationships
      • Pick a new financial book to read. I’m reading The Millionaire Next Door. Want to read it with me? Let me know–I’ve blocked time Thursday night, 11/17 to host an inaugural book club/investing group at my house and I’ll add anybody to the invite. Hannah D? Lori? Mackenzie? Ashley W? Otherwise I’ll just talk to myself about it. LOL.
      • Go to Alejandra’s swim meet tonight to cheer her on and spend Thursday with her studying while she’s off school (and doing something fun too!!). Had an awesome time cheering her on and doing “tours of your life” around the cities for both of us on Thursday. This young woman inspires me so much each time I am with her!
      • Look more closely at the AmeriCorps VISTA application criteria for the College Possible organization. I looked at it. I’m still thinking on it. My true dream is to make my own fellowship…so that’s what I’m leaning toward instead.
    • Travel
      • Start a savings plan for Ireland/Scotland (because we pay cash for everything). Yes. We should be able to go next Spring/Summer if we want to.
      • Look into the costs and a plan for an that RV trip across the states that I haven’t been to with Nate and our dogs this summer! Yes. You guys. There are so many great resources for this and it’s a pretty cheap way to vacation especially if you catch some of their deals! CruiseAmerica.com, Outdoorsy.co and RVShare.com (the last two are like the Air BnB of RVs). We are totally taking this trip to do either our coastal cruising up 101 or our journey out west to check off Montana, Idaho, Oregon, etc. off my states list.
    • Creativity & Learning
      • Get www.MyDarlingHeart.com started by the end of next week! Blocked time to start next week.
      • Block a day to paint or throw a painting party if anyone expresses interest. No takers yet, but I blocked time to go to Dick Blick to replenish my painting supplies and I will be painting on Saturday, 11/19. Want to come hang & paint with me? Let me know and I’ll add you to the invite!
      • Block time on my calendar to practice guitar or play piano weekly. Done!

Ok! That’s all for now. But what did you learn about yourself in building your bucket list? Do tell!

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