What’s on your Bucket List for Health & Wellness?

Ok guys. I’m changing up the bucket list schedule because today just felt right to talk about Health & Wellness! WARNING: There’s going to be a lot of swearing in this post. If you’re my mom or perhaps another elderly person you should stop reading now. Josh—here goes Unapologetic Bitch mode. Let’s talk health & wellness on the bucket list. But first, let me get REALLY real with y’all Right. F-ing. Now.


If you’ve worked for me maybe you’ve never noticed. I won’t cheer you on as you do things you clearly hate to do every day all for the sake of a number—a size, a weight, etc. I LOVE YOU FOR YOU! JUST AS YOU ARE! Yes, I’ll listen. I’ll even support you in not having a birthday treat at lunch if it’s the choice you actually want. But I won’t say “Good for you! I’m proud of you!” I’m proud of you if you did a 5k or a marathon because you never did it before and you wanted to try! I’m not if you did it to fit into society’s norms of what a woman should look like, what size she should be or how much she should weigh. F. THAT.

I’m not perfect though either. I still participate in the f’d up body shaming routine from time to time. Hell, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the reasons I quit my job. 60 pounds in 6 years at my last company and I saw people start to treat me differently. That pissed me off. No, I don’t want to continue on that path but I’m not going to hate myself for it either. My BRAIN and AMBITION is still ever present.

So let’s get139 really vulnerable and talk about the numbers (to give them less power! over all of you) but more importantly, the FEELINGS. I’ve weighed 140 and been miserable kicking my own ass, tracking everything and depriving myself daily.

I’ve weighed 200 and felt pretty f-ing fabulous and had the best sex of my life (TMI, but #ForReal). 200I’ve also still let a number stop myself from seeing old friends, going to family gatherings, singing in front of a church, taking trips or doing certain activities (like skiing, but then I did it… or rock climbing which I still haven’t done). But I’ve also told myself to not wait for the weight anymore and completed Ironman triathlons and booked trips to Paris on a whim. I’m not perfect. There’s good days and bad days.

Even tonight I’m supposed to see a few people I haven’t seen in probably 8 years. This morning I woke up and had the dreaded thought–

Ugh. I don’t want them to see I’ve gained so much weight since the last time I saw them. I always know what question comes next “are you still doing those triathlons?” Every time I want to respond in a smart ass way saying “Yes! Did you know you can do them at MANY different shapes and sizes?! “

I’ve ran marathons at 145, 165, and 185 pounds. And I got damn near the same time in every single one.


I’ve done an Ironman at 170 and I’ve done Half Ironmans at 165, 175, and 190. I’ve felt like a strong, mother f-ing badass Every. Single. Time.

Ironman Finish Line with the BEST cheering squad ever!

I’m quoting the numbers and saying this as much for your reminder as mine. It’s an arbitrary number. If you’re going to let it stop you from doing the things you want to do when you want to do them then you’re literally wasting away on TWO levels—your body and more importantly, YOUR LIFE.

So…here’s my bucket list for HEALTH & WELLNESS:

  • Never participate in people’s bashing of their bodies, discussion of a coworker’s latest diet or exercise regime that’s all about hitting a number. I like to think it’s the #1 thing I can give women everywhere. Just don’t participate in the conversation. Nope. Won’t go there with you. I’ll listen. But I won’t say much else.
  • Bike a century (100 miles). Completed during Ironman training in Summer of 2013!
  • Climb a rockwall at REI or Vertical Endeavors or something like it.
  • Run a 5k. Completed Dave Ryan’s 5k 9/19/10.
  • Run a half marathon. Ran 16 miles on Sunday, 9/12/11.
  • Run a marathon—I’ve done 4! Ran Twin Cities marathon on 10/3/10…and again in 2011 and a marathon as a part of Ironman in 2013 and TC Marathon again in 2014 with my brother in law, Ryan.
  • Learn how to swim reasonably well. I grew up on a farm. I legit never knew how to swim. Completed! I took lessons Dec 2011 – Mar 2012 to complete my bucket list goal of doing a triathlon. Never guessed I would do an Ironman!!
  • Complete an Ironman Triathlon. 9/8/13! One of my proudest moments to date!
  • Do yoga more regularly. Working on it now.
  • Bike to work for an entire summer.
  • Learn how to do a flip turn. Yeah…I swam 2.4 miles in open water but I still don’t like to do flip turns. I HATE getting water up my nose.
  • Go snowshoeing. Completed. Jan/Feb of 2016 @ 4 Play Event in Fort Snelling Park!
  • Learn how to cross country ski and do it regularly for a winter at Hiawatha Golf Course! Learned @ 4 Play Event in Fort Snelling park last last Winter, but I still haven’t bought my own skis yet!


  • Get my hearing tested. Nate swears I’m a little deaf…he’s probably right.
  • Read a book on sports psychology. I read Elite Minds in 2014.
  • Run an adventure race! Check. Nate & I do the Urban Assault ride every year. Here’s pics from last summer: 


  • Learn/Try surfing!
  • Complete a cycle only event.
  • Become that person that works out in the middle of the day just because I can. I’m doing it now that I’ve quit my job. So fun!
  • Meditate and/or do yoga daily. Started a daily meditation practice in Summer of 2016. Loving it!
  • Continue loving myself no matter what. Embrace the changes in your sizes & your choices. I used to love marathons. Then I loved triathlons. Lately I’m feeling more gentle choices for my body that don’t involve 5+ hour training rides. Things like walking, hiking, yoga, swimming and weights. That’s cool! Embrace it!

I’ve been no less than 5 sizes up and down throughout my adult life. And I probably will be again. Time to stop letting it stop me or any of us from doing the things we WANT to be doing!

Haters gonna hate. You do YOU and LOVE yourself for every single minute of it.

QUESTION OF THE POST: What’s on your bucket list for health & wellness? Inspire me with some ideas!! My list is ever growing and I’m really in need of some new inspiration in this category. Struggling to find what’s next after so many marathons and triathlons. What’s next for you!?

Lastly, what are you going to do THIS WEEK to check something off the list or set a date to check it off? Me?

  • I’m going to go upstairs right after this and turn on my InsightTimer App for a 10 minute meditation.
  • Tomorrow I’m going to the pool and will challenge myself to flip turn 3x! Who cares if I look ridiculous?!
  • By the end of the week I’m going to find & sign up for a rock climbing thing.

7 thoughts on “What’s on your Bucket List for Health & Wellness?”

  1. I love everything about this! Rock climbing is on my bucket list too! Would love to do vertical endeavors with you if you’re game!!

    1. Girl. Game ON! I started looking into rock climbing yesterday and this is proving to be harder to figure out than I initially thought. It’s on my Friday list now. I will email you as soon as I know what we need to do!

  2. Amazing woman u are! Love reading these! U are a true inspiration and everything u wrote is spot on! I too let my weight stop me from doing what I wanted. One day it just clicks. Things change, change is good and can bring so much peace. My bucket list for this winter is attending any and every kind of fitness classes, yoga, kickboxing, self defense, medicine ball, Bosu ball, yoga ball, etc to further my learning. For This week, I already crossed it off, I opened my private gym!! Here’s to changes good or bad, embace it with grace! Blessed to know u Shannon!

  3. You are one strong women, Shannon! You are a great example of the strength and power in achieving your goals when you put your mind to it- so powerful!

    Body image and weight is something I have struggled with my WHOLE life. I remember being in elementary school gym class and getting weighed and one boy making fun of me because I weighed more then him. I now realize that A. It didn’t matter and B. I was about a foot taller than him so of course I weighed more than him!

    I have health and wellness goals, but for exactly that- to be healthy! I want to be strong and healthy to live a long and pain free life and to be able to walk, run and chase me kids OR dogs around or maybe even both!

    Final comment- I am always up for yoga so if you ever want to go with someone give me a call.

    1. Your goal is awesome. I think this is what my new “health & wellness” goal might be–to just live a lifestyle that will keep me healthy well into my old age. Running races is hard on the body, but addicting (almost like materialism in our culture…achievement is addicting too). I’m trying a yoga class next week at the YWCA in Midtown on Tue or Wed. Will see if you want to come with me via text. xoxo

  4. LOVE THIS. I’ve been wanting to sit down and make bucket lists on all of these topics, but this one is probably easiest for me to tackle right now.

    Body image is something I’ve always struggled with. My Mom (love her to death) is queen of putting herself down. She doesn’t see how hot she is, and she’s 61 (sorry Mom). SHE LOOKS SO YOUNG FOR HER AGE, seriously. Her skin is amazing, as is her hair, her everything… but she still criticizes her body. And it really bugs me when I catch myself doing it because I hate when she does it. However, I still do it myself from time to time. Lately, my routine is to say “hey, you look good” in the mirror, flexing a little as I say it. It used to feel silly but it has helped me so much. Now I actually believe it. Am I perfect? Hell no. Do I have cellulite and a little somethin extra? Hell yes. Most of us do. However, there’s a huge difference between having a little something extra and being unhealthy. The same goes for having too little! Do I snack and binge eat sometimes? Sure. Do I get mad at myself? Sure. But then I just do better the next day. The 80/20 rule has also helped with this.

    I’m glad you mentioned how bodies change with time because they should! Women’s bodies are incredible – they run marathons (and triathalons/Ironmans), birth and feed babies, lift weights, work hard, support families, etc.

    Loving your body history too, I’ve definitely fluctuated as well. From a size 6 post-marathon to a size 8 now, there are huge differences in what I look like. But I think the most interesting part of my body history relates directly to my life phase and sport. As a dancer for 10 years, it was all about being tiny yet strong. Then in volleyball, it was all about height, power and STRONG legs. Then came rugby, which was about speed, agility, and of course some beastly strength. Then came running long distance, which is speed, agility, stamina, and some serious mental strength. Next on the list… SEE BELOW!!!

    Bucket list:
    – fix my hip/leg so I can run another marathon
    – run a 1/2 marathon
    – do a pull-up!!!!!!!
    – try CrossFit —- IN THE WORKS! I contacted Hannah in OL today and I’m already talking to her gym’s coach.. Literally right now. It’s happening, I’m finally trying CrossFit! I’m sitting in my desk sweating with excitement RN instead of changing ship windows because OMG!!
    – rock climb (as someone afraid of heights, this will be tough)
    – do more yoga; get some of those awesome poses down! I miss my dance flexbility
    – join a rec soccer league
    – workout in the morning 4-5 times a week (I’ve been slacking lately)
    – finish my 12 week workout program (in the works)

    Can’t wait to tackle some of the above. I love this topic, I love these bucket lists. Love this blog!

    1. Mal! I love THIS! My momma did/does the same thing. #RealTalk–it’s one of the reasons Nate & I haven’t started a family yet. I’m determined to make that inner critic quiet before I have kids so the cycle stops for them! I LOVE your mirror routine (copying that!). Love the term you used in sharing “body history”–it’s so important. I think too many women (myself included) mourn the body that once was or fantasize a body that has yet to come. It’s phases of life. We’re going to continue to change and evolve…move up and down…have shifting health & wellness interests. They’re all OK! Hell, they’re better than ok. They’re freakin’ fabulous. It’s what helps us learn and grow.

      –A Pull Up! YES! This is on my bucket list too. How could I forget that?
      –I LOVE that you are trying CrossFit! That’s secretly on my list too. Hannah & I are doing a walk & talk next weekend and I’ll have to ask her about it. I just worry that I’m too far out of shape to jump right into it. But hey! You never know if you never try!
      –You should come rock climbing with Traci & me once we figure it out.
      –Yoga. Everybody needs more yoga in their life.
      –Soccer league! That sounds like so much fun. What a great way to meet more people. Maybe there’s one through Target you could link up with?

      Man, I miss you, Mal! I will always appreciate your passion & zeal for LIFE. You’ve got a level of energy and enthusiasm that can’t. be. beat. xoxo

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