A Case Against Mentorship

Mentorship. Every semester for eight years I have spoken in business class after class at St. Kate’s giving my tips to succeed in the business world. #1 was always “find a mentor.” That advice is changing starting today.

6 months ago, some of my own mentors remained the last & largest roadblock to overcome in making the decision to quit my job…until my counselor suggested an alternative universe I had never considered–“Shannon, what if you don’t need mentors anymore?”

Whoa. EVERYONE needs a mentor….right? But can mentorship ever end up turning harmful? Continue reading “A Case Against Mentorship”

What are you craving MORE of?

I have a confession to make. But first, a tiny bit of backstory–

A few weeks ago I was coaching a leader through a major hiring decision on his team. He was struggling to decide between two highly qualified candidates, navigate internal and external pressures, and find the right way to message to all parties involved. We had a FREAKING AWESOME conversation. It was seriously beautiful to watch him light up the path toward the best decision for his total team.

As I said goodbye I had a light bulb of my own that hit me like a ton of bricks– Continue reading “What are you craving MORE of?”