4 Steps to Embrace Your Beginner Status

As I reflect on the last year or so of my life, I’ve been a beginner in a lot of ways. I am a beginner entrepreneur, foster parent, non-profit strategist, surfer, rock climber…so many beginnings! And I spent a lot of that first 6 months or so beating myself up. At any given moment I was–

A. totally scared

B. embarrassed to admit I didn’t know how to do something

C. too afraid to even start

D. all of the above


But then it hit me. Wait a second….

Why the hell would I magically know how to run a business on day one? Or know how to parent a child who’s experienced trauma? Or what a logic model is? Or how to build out a 5-year budget model for a nonprofit?

I’ve never done any of these things before!

I’m a BEGINNER. And it’s SO ok to be a beginner!

I see a lot of people struggle with this beginner status so I thought we should talk about it here. Ready? Ok! Continue reading “4 Steps to Embrace Your Beginner Status”

If today was your last day….

Each morning (ok, let’s be honest…maybe a few times a week), I read through a list of affirmations. This is just a fancy word for phrases that I want to be true about myself and my surroundings.

This morning one of them hit me with a ton of emotional bricks–

I go to bed feeling like if this was my last day I am happy and proud of the life I lived

One year ago this was not my reality. Continue reading “If today was your last day….”