How to Break Up With Your Mentee

Have you ever reached that awkward point in the mentoring relationship? You know that one. Your quarterly meeting with the mentee is coming up and you’re just simply dreading it. Or maybe you’re simply short on time and have more mentees than minutes in a day.

Here’s a radically simple process to address this problem. Send them an email to your mentee(s) that goes something like this— Continue reading “How to Break Up With Your Mentee”

What’s a Pivot Point and What Can It Tell You?

Today on the “find yourself” journey we examine pivot points. What are pivot points exactly?

A point in your life when you made a big decision. Where you pivoted into something different. 

You can listen to this podcast episode for more info on the inspiration behind this exercise.

THE EXERCISE: Continue reading “What’s a Pivot Point and What Can It Tell You?”