What Was Your Playlist for 2016?

You guyzzzzz……I have had this complete & total explosion of ideas the past few days! Ugh! I’m gushing. Can’t wait to share. But I feel the need to do things chronologically.

So…it’s the last day of the year. And holy crap. A lot has happened. So much has changed. I don’t really want to rehash all the details in words (go back and read my blog from the beginning if you’d like to). So instead I’m giving myself and you this playlist available on Spotify here. Take a listen! It’s like my life story in 2016. No joke. Ok, fine. So here’s a bit of (con)text for each song too.

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What was your Ultimate Failure?

Failure. (I hope) we’ve all experienced it. There’s that old quote—

But seriously. Isn’t it true? I couldn’t tell you a whole lot about what I learned from my last “success.” Probably a bunch of the trite things people say like—perseverance, singular focus, bringing other people along, blah, blah, blah….

My failures though. Oooo. Ouch. I can tell you a lot about that. So let’s #RealTalk about what I view as my ULTIMATE failure in the hopes that I can reframe it for myself & show you how to do the same! Continue reading “What was your Ultimate Failure?”

I Knew Him & I Loved Him: Jimmiee Gaulden (and his “30 Things for Others” Story)

Are you doing what I’m doing right now? I’m getting ready to give & receive some fabulous physical gifts with those I love. Or maybe you’re all prepped and ready! So you’re on to the next big holiday writing a list a mile long of all the ways you want to improve upon your life in the New Year!

Can I give you another kind of giving & resolutions challenge? Yeah? I love how y’all are always up for new challenges! You’re gonna change the world with this one. Believe me.

I want to encourage you to pause. Take 20 minutes & make a list of ways you want to give to & enhance other lives in the new year.

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How Do You Measure Your Worth?

Self-worth. Do you have a lot of it? The first step to answering that question is to define how you measure it, right? So let’s talk about that!
Unfortunately, I have had many opportunities to feel worthless since making this life change 2 ½ months ago. Here’s a handful of things people have said to me— Continue reading “How Do You Measure Your Worth?”