What’s on Your Bucket List for Travel?

You guys! It’s already Day 4 of the Bucket List Blitz challenge. Today’s topic is easy. I’m thinking a lot of people might have bucket list TRAVEL destinations. So I dare you to comment. 🙂

I love traveling! From the age of 14 I began seeing the world going to Latvia to teach English in the summer. So the travel bug bit me early. I de-prioritized it as Nate & I got our financial house in order, but it’s back now in full force! We just got back from Paris, France about a month ago and loved every minute of it.

Here’s a map of countries I’ve visited. If you’d like to make your own and share on facebook, pinterest, etc. you can go to https://www.amcharts.com/visited_countries/ . So fun & easy to fill out!


Our next trip will be Mexico in January for my nephew Dominic & Travis’ wedding. YESSS! Can’t wait to celebrate with them and secondary bonus—cross another country off my bucket list!

At the same site you can make a map of the states you’v been to. Here’s mine:


With my Dad’s 8 pony hitch “the Milk Buds” and the Schottler family singers we did a lot of traveling across the United States. What the heck are the Milk Buds?! Well that’s a long story for another post…but here’s a picture to give you a taste:


So grateful for those experiences to see so much of the country!

Side note: This is also why I thought my sisters and I could be the next

Wannabe Dixie Chicks Then (L-R: Theresa, Steph, Shannon).
Wannabe Dixie Chicks Then (L-R: Theresa, Steph, Shannon).

version of the Dixie Chicks. See?! We were famous singing Dixie Chicks songs on the back of a pony wagon. We were also so incredibly cool that we got to sing songs about milk! You know….had to promote the dairy industry to support the family business one state fair at a time. Oh to be 16 again and have a bunch of cute teenage boys staring at you as you sing–


I drink milk because I think it’s really neat

Singing moo a ditty ditty dum ditty moo…

It’s a cool taste that’s always a treat

Wannabe Dixie Chicks Now! At the Dixie Chicks concert!

Singing moo a ditty ditty dum ditty moo…

You look good, You feel fine!

Look good, feel fine!

I’ll be healthy all the time!

So that’s how I got to visit so many states! Promoting milk and ponies.

Now on to the travel that I can’t accomplish via the Milk Buds pony trips. Here’s what’s on my bucket list for TRAVEL!


  • Purchase a world map and mark places I’ve been and where else I want to go! I did it virtually above!
  • Travel to 6 of the 7 continents.
  • Go on a cruise.
  • Drive Route 66.
  • Go on a helicopter tour/ride. Completed October 2013 in Kauai Hawaii. Gorgeous!
  • Ride in a hot air balloon.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon! Completed 7/25/10
  • Go to Las Vegas! Completed 7/24/10
  • Take a culinary vacation (theinternationalkitchen.com)
  • Hike in a national park! Completed first time in Zion National Park Utah, Hiked Angel’s Landing on 7/26/10. Can you make out the road below our feet?


  • Visit Mount Rushmore.
  • Buy a street painting for every vacation I go on! Completed! This is such a fun tradition and a great way to decorate your place!
  • Go to Yellowstone.
  • Visit the Redwood Forest.
  • Go snorkeling.
  • Roadtrip across America in an RV with Nate and our dogs (Hope & Suzie).
  • Go to Yosemite. NOTE FOR THE FAMILY: NOT pronounced YOZE-MIGHT. Pronounced Yo-Sem-Itty. My Dad liked to mispronounce words just to be funny when we were little. It screwed us up permanently. LOL. It’s actually how my sister met her husband though…by mispronouncing Yosemite in front of an entire lecture hall at UW-Madison.
  • Visit the Joshua National Tree Forest.
  • Visit the Galapagos Islands.
  • Drive across Canada.
  • Show up at the airport with a bag & a passport and take the 1st flight available.
  • Got to a hot spring.
  • Drive up the coast on US 101.
  • Meditate at Stonehenge.
  • Go on an African Safari.
  • Go to Australia & New Zealand.
  • Take a European Adventure with Nate. Completed Paris France 2016 (hopefully our 2nd of many though).
  • Travel to Southeast Asia.
  • Go to Napa. I’ve been but I didn’t drink wine. Silly me so we need a redo!!!
  • Walk along the Great wall of China.
  • Ride a train across America ideally with my Mom & Dad. They’ve always wanted to do this!
  • Go to Alaska.
  • Zipline through a rainforest.
  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Take a trip to a new city in the US every Labor Day weekend. Nate & I have been doing this off and one for a few years now. As long as we’re not training for a major race, we try to go somewhere!

QUESTION OF THE POST: What’s on your bucket list for travel? Or what trips do you already have planned? Or are currently ON?! Inspire me and others with ideas and tell me why you want to go!

Lastly, what are you going to do THIS WEEK to check something off the travel bucket list or set a date to check it off? Me?

  • Start a savings plan for Ireland/Scotland (because we pay cash for everything as I mentioned in my last post).
  • Look into the costs and a plan for an that RV trip across the states that I haven’t been to with Nate and our dogs this summer!

9 thoughts on “What’s on Your Bucket List for Travel?”

    1. OMG. You totally called it. Might have to put Antarctica back on the list thanks to this link!! But holy crap it’s expensive!

  1. We share many!!! 🙂
    • Run a race in Paris
    • Hike through Ireland
    • Drink wine in Napa
    • Go to Hawaii
    • Go to Italy, drink wine, eat pasta and lots of hiking!
    • Visit the most historical places in the United States
    • Zip line through and forest or rain forest
    • Lay on the beach in Cabo
    • Go on and sail boat
    • Go to a Broadway show in New York
    • Vegas…need I say more!
    • Make the best memories with Ellie, Alex and Chris.
    • Go to Germany and visit where my Patrick side came from.

    1. Jeanna! You HAVE to go to Hawaii. It is gorgeous. The only place Nate & I have been to twice…and we’d keep going back again and again. These are so great!

  2. U have such amazing ambitions! Some I’ve added to my own list!! And some I already had, like Alaska, my Daddys heaven on earth! If my mom would have let him, he would have moved us out there! I want to fish in the same seas he did!! My first thing to cross off hopefully this next summer, is bringing my husband to see his first ocean! And of course swimming with dolphins will be our first ocean adventure as this is something Anthony has wanted to do since we watched Dolphin Tale!

    1. Oh I LOVE it! I didn’t know your Dad was so fond of Alaska. That makes perfect sense though. What a beautiful dream to fish in the same seas he did. What an awesome thing to swim in the ocean with dolphins. I hadn’t thought of that one!!

  3. My vanity says could you please have made your cover photo the “then” picture rather than my 8-months+ pregnant “now” picture? Ooff-dah.

    1. LOL. Dingy girl. You clearly need to read my bucket list post on health & wellness. Who the heck cares?! It’s not a great pic of me either but I didn’t know how to select a different one for the cover shot. Nate wasn’t around…. 🙂

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