What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Hey guys! You know what I would do if I knew I couldn’t fail? I’d start my own business. But what kind of business do I start? This has always been my dilemma.

In my month off I’ve learned a few things—

  • What I’ve loved the most in my time away? Walks & talks with friends and complete strangers going deep with them about areas of their life they’re working to transform.
  • What I’ve missed the most about Corporate America? Getting to coach people every day and watch them or their business totally blossom and transform. Ugh. I get sad just thinking about how much I miss that part of my old job. I LOVE coaching. It’s in my DNA.

So what do you do with a love & passion for people, deep conversation, transformation, and coaching? Well…you coach. So I’m going for it. I’m going to start a “side hustle” business. Right here. Right now. No time for perfect. Life is happening NOW.

Here’s the deal: I want to help people transform their lives for the better. But I want to get more practice in different settings and on a multitude of areas. So…

I’m looking for 6 people to coach TOTALLY FREE for 2 months starting NEXT WEEK.

Ambitious with the holiday season, right? That’s how I roll folks. Transformation can’t wait. Let’s get started!

All I ask in return of my “Super 6 Starters” are two things:

  1. You are fully committed with our time together & the work as if you were paying for it.
  2. You give me constructive feedback & write a review at the end of our 2 months together.

Interested? Ok! Game on! Keep reading and let’s get down to business then…

About YOU: You’ve got this issue or idea that’s been nagging you for a while. You would LOVE to take a particular area of your life to the next level like your career, your business, your money, your relationships or your own well-being. You want to CHANGE it. You are ready to get vulnerable, get real, be open and totally transform this part of your life.

Last night on my own Transformation Journey!

About ME: Hey there! I’m here for you. My name’s Shannon and I can’t wait to walk & talk with you about this thing that’s on your mind! Seriously. I am a recovering 10 year Corporate America career addict with a hunger to help people define & live THEIR best life. I bleed empathy, ooze passion, adore #RealTalk, ask really “big” questions, and I LOVE results. For real though. They’re my fave.


  • We “walk & talk” 1 hour every week now – 12/31/2016. This can be over the phone or in person at Lake Nokomis or a coffee shop in Downtown Minneapolis!
  • What will we do during that hour each week? We get down to it. We go deep. I’ll ask meaty, thought provoking questions of you. We #RealTalk. Conversations may even get a little uncomfortable. But that’s how the transformation happens!
  • What will you do outside of that hour we have together each week? Every session you’ll walk away with a clear “call to action” from our walk & talk to pursue your transformation.

 What are some things you’re cool with helping me transform?

  • Your Money. Maybe you want to…
    • Become debt free!
    • Feel like you have control over your money vs. it controlling you.
    • Experience financial peace.
  • Your Career. Perhaps you want to…
    • Find the work you are truly passionate about.
    • Take your current job performance to the next level and score that promotion.
  • Your Team/Leadership/Business. Maybe you want to…
    • Become a better coach or leader for your team.
    • Reshape your team’s culture.
    • Strengthen your relationship with your employees.
  • Your relationship with YOURSELF. Perhaps you want to…
    • Silence that inner critic
    • Define & explore your spirituality
    • Build out a vision of your dreams & actually achieve them!
  • Your Health/Well-Being. Maybe you want to…
    • Run a marathon but you’ve never done a 5k!
    • Become an Ironman triathlete but don’t know how to swim!
    • Find a workout routine that works for your lifestyle.
  • Your Relationships. Perhaps you want to…
    • Put yourself out there and fall in love.
    • Create a larger circle of friends.
    • Build deeper bonds with the people already in your life.
    • Strengthen your marriage.

 I would genuinely be honored to help & support you in transforming one of these areas for yourself!

 What else do you need to know? I’m not a certified personal trainer, registered dietitian, financial planner or psychologist. BUT! I 100% believe in the power of coaching backed with 10 years of experience doing it in Corporate America. And I personally have worked through every single transformation idea I listed above (and more!). I believe—

  • YOU can change your life or your business with someone by your side asking great, but hard questions that’s ready to support you through the process.
  • Transformation is powerful, hard, beautiful & totally worth it.
  • Change is AH-mazing!

So do you want to be one of my “Super 6 Starter” clients?

  • Fill out this quick form before Saturday morning at 9am.
    • I’ll be in touch shortly thereafter so we can get working next week! Yay! Can’t wait.
    • Have questions? Email me: smschottler@gmail.com

Not interested? Well…I still want to know your answer to the Question of the POST: what would YOU do if you knew you could not fail?


7 thoughts on “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

  1. You continue to inspire me. You. Are. Amazing. (And I hope you know that)

    I feel like I could write a testimony on your unbelievable coaching skills just from our walk and talks the last few months.
    – You LISTEN in a way that has diminished in this digital/instant world
    – You ask CHALLENGING questions that need to be asked but no one else wants to
    – You bring NEW ideas, NEW ways of thinking, and a NEW look at life
    – Most importantly (in my opinion) you are so SUPPORTIVE and ENCOURAGING in helping me achieve my goals or even figure out what my goals are.

    Thank you Shannon. These 6 individuals have no idea how lucky they are about to become

    Ps. I think you know the answer the your question. But in case not- it would be own a start a local dog rescue 🙂

    1. Clarification on the first bullet 🙁 Since I worded it horribly

      You listen in a way that so few do anymore due to the impacts of digital use and the “instant trend”

    1. Ashley! Thanks so much for your interest. I do already have a full roster of 9 clients, but you will be first on my waitlist should anything change! Sending you a separate email next with more details. 🙂

  2. I would love to be a part of this, but know you are full. I like your blog and finally signed up for it today instead of popping in on occasion. Best of lick, maybe I will be a client when you are ready!

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