What set of problems are you highly motivated to solve?

12 years ago I was in my freshman year at St. Kate’s when I had the privilege of hearing ReBecca Koenig Roloff speak. At the time, ReBecca had recently retired early from her executive job at American Express to lead the YWCA of Minneapolis in their mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. This past year she was named the new President of St. Catherine University. Go Becky!! Anyways, back to the story–I vividly remember Becky saying:

 In every job you’ll have a set of 68 problems to solve. The question you have to ask yourself is which set of problems do you want to be yours?

This will be our question for the post: What set of problems are you highly motivated to solve? What problems make your hair stand up? Why?

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What’s your purpose?

My name is Shannon and I’m on a journey to figure out who I am. I’ve spent the last 10 years in Corporate America “living the dream.” But wait a second. What is that dream anyway? Had I ever really defined it? Or did I just get on the Corporate America escalator and ride while standing still and not evolving? I just kept getting tapped on the shoulder with people saying: This way to your next job! To more money! To more prestige! To more external validation! But then the day came where they put me in charge of my own destiny saying: Ok! Now YOU get to pick what comes next now in your career! Quite frankly – I FROZE. Continue reading “What’s your purpose?”